About SMARTSPACES – User Guide

This website is composed of four main pages.  The Home page shows a simple overview of the performance of the three buildings averaged each day.  Each Building Overview page provides a bit more detail about the building, and the previous day's building's performance against the three utilities – gas, electricity and water is shown.  The Open Data landing page provides a more advanced half-hourly breakdown of performance.


The Home page

The Home page can be found at www.energysmartbirmingham.com and can be reached from anywhere in the website by clicking Home or SMART Spaces on the menu navigation bar.  It provides a simple overview of each building's performance as calculated based on the previous day or the latest complete 24-hour period.

From these simple icons it is possible to identify at a glance:

  • Which buildings are performing well
  • Which buildings are performing poorly
  • How any particular building is performing


The Home page also features a handy ‘energy' tip of the week, providing users with hints and tips on energy efficiency behaviours they can use at home.  The Tip of the Week will change weekly and will be supported by energy efficiency Tweets and News Feeds to facilitate engagement.


The Building Overview page

Each of the buildings in Birmingham's pilot has a building overview page and can be found at:


These pages can also be reached by clicking on the buildings listed on the Home page which are also featured on the menu navigation at the top of the page for ease of use.


The daily breakdown against gas, electricity and water are useful for identifying the onset of changes in performance and shows problems or improvements in more detail than the Home page.

The icons provide an overview of performance and can be interpreted as actual consumption in relation to the projected baseline period.  This demonstrates the approach taken in this project.  Consumption is a building is never compared to that in another building.  The baselines are calculated from the last 365 days of consumption data for the same building.  The target is always to reduce wastage and this is indicated by a reduction in consumption levels compared to the baseline period.