The Smiley icons provide an overview of performance and can be interpreted as actual consumption in relation to the projected baseline period during 2013; therefore the sad red thumbs down smiley face indicates consumption is 5% above the baseline; the happy green thumbs up smiley face indicates consumption is 5% below the project baseline with the yellow smiley face indicating no change.  

The baselines are calculated from the last 365 days of consumption data for the same building.  The target is always to reduce wastage and this is indicated by a reduction in consumption levels compared to the baseline period.

Birmingham Museum &
Art Gallery - Facts

Occupants: 202 (78%)
Total Square Feet: 16,723

Average Monthly visitors: 55,000
Number of Staff: 90



Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery is housed in a Grade II* listed city centre landmark building. The museum shows its collections of art, applied art, social history, archaeology and ethnography in over 40 galleries. The collections have been designated as outstanding by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and have local, regional, national and international importance. The Water Hall and Gas Hall house a complementary programme of temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

Have you got a suggestion or idea that could help reduce energy consumption (whether that be electricity, gas, water or all of the above) in Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, then why not email cuttingenergy@birmingham.gov.uk who would be very interested in your thoughts?