About SMARTSPACES - Introduction

Saving Energy with ICT

This website has been developed as part of a European project called SMARTSPACES.  The project aims to save energy in public building using ICT.  The consortium features eleven pilot sites in eleven cities from eight countries across Europe.


EnergySmart Birmingham provides a detailed breakdown of the energy consumption of Birmingham City Council's main administrative city centre buildings:

  • The Council House,
  • Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and the
  • Council House Extension at Margaret Street


Improving the energy efficiency of its own buildings is of great importance to Birmingham City Council, and the SMARTSPACES sites all represent big buildings with a high resource consumption that present many challenges regarding the existing installations, number of rooms, building age and the various user groups based within.


From the website you can see the actual consumption data for the latest day (24-hour period) of available data.


The Birmingham pilot site is being managed and implemented by Digital Birmingham and this website is part of our solution.

This website provides a simple, user-friendly view of energy performance across the SMARTSPACES buildings.  Performance is visualised as a simple scale of ‘Thumbs Up Smiley' to ‘Thumbs Down Smiley' faces.  Good performance is reflected as a happy green face with thumbs up; and Poor performance is reflected as a sad, red face with thumbs down.  A yellow face with waivering thumb indicates a neutral performance, i.e. niether good or bad.